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 FBI By Laws article 1-3

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The Full Blooded Ilocano Airsoft Team, also referred to by its acronym F.B.I.A.T., is declared a not-for-profit mutual benefit club. This club is open to all airsoft enthusiasts for membership and operates under a 5-person Board of Directors, with a tiered membership structure consisting of Full Members, Associate Members, and invited guests.

The Full Blooded Ilocano Airsoft Team conducts its principal activities within the Municipality of Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. This club has been able to secure all its playing fields on privately owned land, for the playing use of its members and its guests. These locations are well maintained. Each location was chosen for the unique and special qualities it offers for superior airsoft play.

F.B.I.A.T. was originally established as a means to provide a safe environment for airsoft enthusiasts to play. Charter members of this club shared a similar frustration and concern over safety regarding airsoft activities in public lands. From this frustration and concern came the idea to seek out and secure privately owned locations, free from anxieties over accidents between airsoft players and to the public and law enforcement officers. The members of F.B.I.A.T., and their guests, are in a unique situation of being able to play, unhindered and freely, entirely on private property. Aside from a common interest in airsoft, F.B.I.A.T. members also share a strong reverence and respect for nature, as well as a deep fondness of the outdoor lifestyle.

While the Full Blooded Ilocano Airsoft Team welcomes all airsoft enthusiasts regardless of sex, ethnicity, religion, and political affiliation to join in F.B.I.A.T. activities, guest participation in club activities is structured exclusively as an “invitation only” policy. This is due to the club’s policy of using only private land for airsoft activities. Since the club’s arrangement with all the property owners has been one involving no required fees or gratuities, the charter members chose to repay the owners’ graciousness by ensuring the conduct and behaviour of all participants. It is, therefore, a club policy that all members be held responsible and liable, both for their actions, as well as the actions of any guests.

The main purpose of this club is to provide a safe and comfortable venue for airsoft enthusiasts to develop leadership skills; and, foster the sense of teamwork and responsibility through application of military and special operations tactics for airsoft play. With the establishment of this club, airsoft enthusiasts have the opportunity to enjoy the company and camaraderie of other airsoft enthusiasts in a safe and secure environment.


AirSoft: The name or reference to the activity described as the participation in military-style or law enforcement-style war games using electric/spring/gas powered replica weapons, with associated accessories. These replica weapons utilize 6 millimetres plastic pellet projectiles.

BB: These are the 6 millimetres plastic pellet projectiles.

F.B.I.A.T.: The acronym for the Full Blooded Ilocano Airsoft Team.

ROE: Rules of Engagement

CQB: Close Quarter Battle

Majority: Unless otherwise specified, this term shall mean 51 percent of the total number of eligible votes.

Quorum: The number of members required for approval or authorization to conduct club business or club meetings.


3.1 PROTECTION: Each member are required to always wear eye protection in the form of goggles, masks, shooting glasses, or safety glasses and never remove the eye protection while on the field. Regular prescription glasses are NOT acceptable as safety eyewear and eyewear must meet standards and wrap around the eyes.

3.2 REPLICA SAFETY: Every member should not point their replica at anyone unless they are involved in a game on the battlefield and intend to shoot them, and it should not fire at any person without proper eye protection and non-participants, including animals or private property.

3.3 REAL STEEL AND AIRSOFT DO NOT MIX: It is strictly prohibited to bring real firearms on the game site. No edged weapon or tool may be used for combat purposes as well.

3.4 USE OF ILLEGAL DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: F.B.I.A.T. strictly does not allow and accept the use of illegal drugs, and alcohol use before or during the game.

3.5 STANDARD FPS LIMITS: Chronographs are used before games to test all replicas present. Any replicas that test too high will not be allowed in play and no exceptions will be made, members are encouraged to research upgrades and how they affect their replica before purchasing or installing them. The following velocity limits are with .2g BB's. All limits Measured with .20g Plastic Airsoft BB's:

a. Fully/Semi Automatics - 450 fps (1.5j)
b. CQB/Indoor - All under 350 fps (1j)
c. Sniper Rifles - 550 FPS (2.8j)

3.6 MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT DISTANCE: A minimum engagement distance is normally established. Before firing at anyone within 10 feet or 3 meters, the attacking player must first call for surrender and the defending player must answer immediately. He cannot find cover and then answer. If a player fires from within the established distance without calling for surrender, that player is disqualified from the game and the kill does not count. If a player refuses to surrender (not encouraged to) then both players may fire. In most instances, if a player is taken by surprise, he should surrender as an act of good faith.
3.7 SNIPER SAFETY: Anyone acting as a sniper with an upgraded rifle over 450 fps (1.5j) should carry a sidearm that can be used alternately when engaging targets closer than about 60 ft. Snipers should not fire at targets closer than 60 feet. If no sidearm and find itself too close to the opposing force, it can either:
a. call a safety kill
b. wait until they move to a safe range
c. relocate to a safe range.
3.8 CQB/INDOOR PLAY: All players who participate in CQB should understand that they will be engaging targets anywhere from 25 feet to even 5 feet away and because of that they may take painful hits. Everyone should take care when engaging targets effort should be made to shoot at centre mass and avoid face and hand shots. It is recommend that full masks, long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and hats/helmets be worn for CQB to avoid welts or breaking the skin.

• "Safety Kill" rules are different for CQB depending upon event ROE, however players may surrender if they wish at any time to the opposing force to leave game play without any harm.

• “Contact Kill” is a silent attack made by touching another player with open hand, light muzzle tap or a light tap with a rubber or plastic knife. The attacker makes the touch and quietly says “Contact”. In the case of two persons making the attack at the same time, mock-knife beats hand, muzzle beats all. If the attack is made at the same time both players are “Hit” The only alternative to this in CQC is “Subdued”, the attack with open hand renders the victim temporarily subdued. This command may be followed by “Secured” and the victim should simulate being handcuffed.

At no time should any player engage in any type of hand to hand or simulated knife combat during an Airsoft event. Any deviance from the above is strictly prohibited.

3.9 CALL OF CEASE-FIRE: All players are expected to echo Cease-Fire so that everyone on the field hears it, and upon hearing it each player is expected to sit down in place and wait until "Game on" is called to continue the game. Cases when Cease-Fire is called:

1. In the event that a non-player enters the field of play, or a player enters the field without eye protection. If necessary, game coordinators will explain the game to the non-participants.
2. IF LOCAL POLICE ENTER THE FIELD - This is a potentially dangerous situation, and is treated as if they don't know a game is in progress. All players are expected to walk to the dead-pool in plain sight, either with their guns over their head or leaving their guns in the field. Upon reaching the dead-pool each player is to place his replica with his gear and gather in a group at least 20 feet from the gear. This is to provide safety by comforting the officers by removing any equipment that appears threatening to them. Game-play is not commenced until explained the situation and are allowed to continue.
3. Real Injury that requires aid.
4. Other serious unsafe acts.
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FBI By Laws article 1-3
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