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PostSubject: OPERATION: BEL 2 OF TEAM INAT   Wed Oct 07, 2009 2:59 pm

OCTOBER 24-25, 2009


I. Chain of Command: Participating Team component
Each team is composed of fifteen members (15) with the following positions and their equivalent points. A team is equivalent to seventy-five points (75).
1. 1st Lieutenant (1Lt) - 15 points
2. 2nd Lieutenant (2Lt) - 10 points
3. 1st Sergeant (1SG) - 8 points
4. Staff Sergeant (SSG) - 7 points
5. Sergeant (SGT) - 7 points
6. Corporal (CPL) - 5 points
7. Private First Class (PFC) - 3 points
8. Private First Class (PFC) - 3 points
9. Private First Class (PFC) - 3 points
10. Private (PV) - 2 points
11. Private (PV) - 2 points
12. Private (PV) - 2 points
13. Private (PV) - 2 points
14. Private (PV)/Sniper (Optional) - 2 points
15. Medic - 4 points

II. General Guidelines and R&R for the Military Simulation
1. All soldiers are advised to carry all BB reserves and most importantly water. Once engaged, you will be engaged until you finish three scenarios. You will play for straight 1 hour with 5 minute rest every after each scenario. After your game you will have all the time to rest and tour around until the fellowship night.
2. All AEG’s will be limited to 450 fps only except for the sniper (if the team chooses to have one, which is limited to 500 fps only).
3. Scoring per scenario: Survivors’ accumulated points, plus objective, minus time spent. The highest possible score for soldiers is 75 points. Each objective completed is equivalent to 25 points. The team is given 15 minutes maximum to finish each scenario. A team total score for the Mil-Sim is the average of three scores per scenario.
4. If you have a sniper, the sniper should use only an Airsoft, single-shot, sniper rifle with 500 fps maximum power.
5. The Medic will be given 5 medic cards per scenario. A “HIT” soldier may be revived only through a medic card (sticker). However, a “HIT” soldier may be revived only once. Once the Medic is “HIT”, no one can take his place.
6. When called “HIT” by an umpire, each soldier must drop dead and must cease to engage until revived. A soldier who fails to do so can no longer be revived by a medic. Dead soldiers may be dragged to a safer place before being revived.
7. A “HIT” includes any direct or penetrating shots to any part of the body except a ricochet.
8. You will be given one free smoke bomb to use. You can, however, purchase extra smoke bomb from the management area.
9. A team will be given 5 minutes rest every after scenario.
10. The 1st Lt is responsible for the team score sheet which he will submit to every Scenario CP (Command Post) every after scenario.
11. In case your team registers two entries, no double entry player for mil-sim only to protect the integrity of the mission.
12. Qualifying teams will compete for Scenario 4 (CQB competition on Sunday).

III. Game Scenarios
Commander, this is our DPA’s last transmission:
“… Command, my cover was compromised! Send immediate evac at LZ-Xray at 0500 hours… (shots fired) … I’m hit… I’m hit… I have the intel… it contains all information on enemy defenses… be careful three snipers are in the open… (Static)
Good luck commander! You have a go for Search and Rescue. We will be operating under radio silence. The DPA was sent to gather intel on enemy weapons lab. Retrieve the intel and continue your mission. Neutralize enemy weapon.

Scenario 1: Eliminate Snipers and rescue DPA with Intel
Commander, the DPA (Deep Penetrating Agent) was hit (The DPA is a dummy). You must rescue him within 10 minutes or he is dead. Carry the DPA to the CP (Command Post), which is 3 meters from the DPA’s location. This is your first objective (15 points). Your second objective is to retrieve the Intel—a piece of paper probably in his jacket pocket that contains info on enemy location (10 points). If in case you failed in your first objective, proceed to your second objective.
However, beware of three snipers hidden in the area. Keep your team and avoid being killed. (Points per soldier is equivalent to 75 points in all; refer to Ch. I of your field guide.)

Soldiers Alive
Granted that 5 PV were HIT in the mission

Let’s say the DPA is dead and you retrieved Intel only

The mission is finished in 12 minutes (minus time)

Your total score for scenario 1

Scenario 2: Organize mission based on Intel and survive imminent assault
Commander, the snipers could have alerted the enemy base. Enemy offensive are on their way to eliminate you. You have 5 minutes to study the Intel and organize your defenses with very little provision provided on the ground (drums and tires). You may hold your position and survive for 10 minutes or assault the offensive and eliminate them.

Soldiers Alive
Granted that 5 PV were HIT in the mission

You survived in 10 minutes

The mission is finished in 14 minutes (minus time)

Your total score for scenario 2

Scenario 3: Assault last enemy Checkpoint
Commander, the enemy is on the defensive. One last checkpoint keeps us from the weapons lab. Eliminate the last enemy checkpoint!

Soldiers Alive
Granted that 5 PV were HIT in the mission

You eliminated the last checkpoint

The mission is finished in 8 minutes (minus time)

Your total score for scenario 3

Scoring the Eliminations Round
Your team’s scores for scenarios 1-3 will be added divided by three. The average will be rounded up to the nearest two decimal places only.

Scenario 1
Scenario 1 total score

Scenario 2
Scenario 2 total score

Scenario 3
Scenario 3 total score

Your total score for the eliminations round


IV. Scenario 4: Eliminate Enemy and Neutralize Biological Weapon
Only qualified teams will compete for Scenario 4 which is a close Quarter Battle match. You will no longer be competing with Tourney Organizers as in the Mil-Sim round but with other participating teams.
“Commander, you have reached the enemy weapons lab. The Biological weapon is heavily protected by 15 men. Your mission is to eliminate the defenders and to neutralize the biological weapon (missile containing dangerous chemical compounds) which is set to be launched in 5 minutes to a highly populated area in the Philippines. Heavy civilian casualty is expected. Keep the missile from being launched! Good luck commander!”
Neutralize the missile by retrieving a container inside that has two separated chemical compounds. Secure it in a box located at your starting point to end the game and achieve a mission success.
When carried, protect the chemical compounds at all cost. When the retriever is “HIT” within the central blast radius (indicated by a line), the container is presumed dropped to the ground and will automatically produce the chemical reaction in proximity to the missile and will end the game. All soldiers fighting within the central blast radius will be considered “HIT”, regardless whether he is a friend or foe, and it will end the game. Those killed by the chemical reaction are additional points for every opposing team.
If the retriever is “HIT” beyond the central blast radius, the container may be dropped to be picked up by surviving members. However, the container may be retrieved by the opposing team if given the chance.

V. Scoring the CQB
Each soldier is equivalent to 3 points each with a sum total of 45 points. You will gain points, however, by killing the enemy and not by survival at the end of the game. The objective, which is neutralizing the biological weapon, is 55 points.
Teams will be arranged into brackets and play a round roving game. The top scorers will advance to the next stage until the championships.

VI. Awards
1. Major awards
Champion (trophy, certificate, cash)
1st Runner-up (trophy, certificate, cash)
2nd Runner-up (trophy, certificate, cash)
3rd Runner-up (trophy, certificate)
2. Minor awards
Fastest Time—whole mil-sim scenarios (certificate)
Fastest Time—per mil-sim scenario (public announcement/additional beer)
Fastest Time—CQB (certificate)
Best BDU (certificate)
Farthest contingent (certificate)

VII. Schedule of Events
Oct. 24, 2009 (Saturday)
8:00 – 9:00 Arrival at Brgy. La Paz, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
9:00 – 5:00 Military Simulation
7:00 – 9:00 Fellowship Night at Grand Octagon, Nalbo, Laoag City
Awarding of Minor Awards and Team Certificates of Participation
Announcement of Scores and qualified teams for CQB
9:00 Evening Rest
Oct. 25, 2009 (Sunday)
8:00 – 9:00 Arrival with chrono
9:00 – 5:00 Close Quarter Battle
5:00 – 6:00 Awarding of Major Awards
6:00 Home Sweet Home

Registration Fee:
The registration fee per soldier is Php 400.00. This includes two free meals. However, those who would like to avail the OP:BEL II commemorative T-shirt, each will be charged with Php 525.00.

Payment Details:
We will accommodate 30 teams only and reservations will be a first-pay-first-served basis. For reservation, a team must pay at least half of the total registration fee for a 15-man team which is Php 3,000.00 and Php 7,875.00 (with T-shirt) respectively. Payments must be done from October 19-21, 2009 for non T-shirt payments. For payments with inclusive T-shirt, payment deadline will be on October 15, 2009. Deposit at Banco de Oro under account name Joel N. Frez and account number 0960122753. Confirm your payments to Joel N. Frez at 0908-8822448.

T-Shirt Details:
• Black T-Shirt
• Front print: OP: BEL II design
• Top Back print: Your Team Logo—one color only (send your team logo and T-shirt sizes to anybodycanvisit@yahoo.com upon payment)
• For general info on T-shirt orders contact Old Man at Globe 0916-5703365 and Smart 0919-2074632.


or text me
joel: 09088822448

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PostSubject: Re: OPERATION: BEL 2 OF TEAM INAT   Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:00 pm

GO FBI!!!!

Interested as of Oct 7, 2009

1. Jon
2. Ebong
3. Baang
4. Mike

Eleven more to go...this will be a HECK of a Game..it's MILSIM and it will be HARDCORE!!!!

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